Present to the 70th birthday of the motherland! Longvolt graphene-based lithium electric solar iot street lamp illuminates Shijingshan District in Beijing


Longvolt Energy, one of the national standard drafting units, national high-tech enterprises. Under the national brand rising situation, the more energy to the flag-bearer of product research and development with great concentration, lithium electricity solar iot street lamp system has been successfully access based on Zigbee and NB - iot remote wireless control technology, make the solar street light on green low carbon environmental protection characteristics increases the fault early warning, remote control, convenient maintenance, and other functions and features. Graphene-based lithium electric solar street lamp adopts graphene-based lithium ion battery as energy storage battery, which makes the lithium electric energy storage system have the characteristics of short charging time and long cycle cycle, and can realize the effect of fast charging and prolong the service life of the energy storage system on cloudy and rainy days.


Working principle of solar Internet of Things street lamp



Construction site guidance and installation




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