[Project Case] Longvolt Solar Iot street lamp lights huatuo Industrial Avenue, Benxi High-tech Zone, Liaoning Province

The maturity of Internet of Things (IoT) related technologies has led to a new wave of industrial trends. No matter the form of "Internet of Things + industry" or the mode of "industry + Internet of Things", in the foreseeable future, the relationship between all walks of life and the Internet of Things is bound to become increasingly close. In recent years, as the technologies, products and equipment of sensing, communication, telecommunication, network and terminal have entered the mature stage, the construction of smart city industry in China has developed rapidly. However, the coverage of iot network information in smart cities needs extensive and effective carriers. Street lamps, buildings, bus stops, manhole covers and other public facilities are the best carriers for iot connection. Compared with a few years ago, iot is no longer an unattainable fantasy.

Liaoning benxi startup wisdom city construction since 2013, the CPC municipal committee and municipal government under the correct leadership of the city around ", hui qi, hui hui people "core idea" n 137 "construction of the strategic objectives and, on the basis of large data, in order to" Internet + ", vigorously implement the information based on social services management informationization huimin engineering, Promoting the "Internet + government services", gradually formed benxi characteristics of information to benefit the people construction mode.Benxi hua tuo industrial avenue in the zone, located in the high-tech zone core area, the quickening pace of industrial park construction, vehicle traffic increased significantly, as the night the residents travel safety problems should be resolved, mainly in the zone leader for lighting project attaches great importance to the region, and in 2017 as "China's new urban huimin service excellent wisdom city" of the benxi, Solar-powered iot street lamps became their best choice.

The project was built in September 2018. The design parameters of the solar Internet of Things street lamp are designed according to the actual situation and requirements of the project. The pole height is 9 meters, the light source is 80W, the color temperature is 6000K, and the average illumination is 25LX. The completion of the project not only solves the problem of safe travel at night, but also saves considerable electricity costs for the park every year. It also matches the smart city and smart traffic, which plays a positive role in promoting the construction of intelligent city in Benxi.


Based on Zigbee and NB-iot solar Internet of Things street lamp, Supported by cloud computing and Internet of Things technology, Longvolt Energy has "Shiqi" super technology: Global link control, the whole system of light patterns, all status query, comprehensive automatic monitoring, power regulation for the whole year, battery protection throughout the day, the entire security early warning, the development of new functions, and a microwave induction, with all my heart all the craftsmen design, the front street lamp lighting system of the advanced technology users by mobile phone or computer terminal can know about the usage of street lamps in real time, With scientific and efficient control and resource integration, and the patent of low temperature protection, Longvolt Solar Iot street lamp can still work normally even in the -50 environment, becoming the final choice of Huatuo Industry big road lighting project in Benxi High-tech Zone.


Longvolt Energy occupies the market with technological innovation in the new energy lighting and solar street lamp industry, and will accelerate the cooperation process with the upstream and downstream of the smart city construction industry chain, jointly build a new smart city ecosystem, jointly promote the construction of low-carbon, environmental protection and intelligent smart city, and create a better urban life for human beings.

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