Guiyang Aluminum City Avenue Project, Guizhou Province (Internet of Things Technology)

The regional planning of Qingzhen Aluminum Industrial Park in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province is centered on Zhanjie Town, Qingzhen City, West to Hexi Cave of LiNi Township, north to Shuijingpo of Zhanjie Town, northeast to Huangxinzhai of Mage Township, south to Lianhuashan of Zhanjie Town, with a regulatory area of 17 square kilometers and 8 square kilometers of the core industrial zone. Trunk road is the only way to connect Qingzhen city and industrial park to Guizhou-Guizhou high-speed, with a total length of 13.22 kilometers; 906 10m and 100W solar Internet of things street lamps on Aluminum City main road were installed and commissioned in October 2018, and passed the acceptance and acceptance of Qingzhen Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Finance Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau and other units in November 2018. 。 Through the successful grafting and installation of Internet of Things technology and street lamp, the real-time monitoring and troubleshooting of street lamp on Aluminum City Avenue are more convenient, and the human and material resources are effectively saved.


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