【Project Case】Longvolt Energy's solar smart street lights illuminate the night sky of Ndola Airport

In the Republic of Zambia, south-central Africa , an international civil airport , Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport , has been built. When night falls, this brightly lit airport looks very dazzling. The night scene photovoltaic lighting system in the terminal area of the airport was screened by the owner through layers of well-known international brands, and finally chose the high-power photovoltaic energy storage system and high-efficiency LED lighting developed and produced by China Anhui Longvolt Energy Co., Ltd. The lamps and lanterns are constructed by Beijing Furuncheng Company .

The project is located on the west side of the city of Ndola, Zambia, where there is sufficient sunshine. In order to save electricity consumption , make full use of local solar energy resources, and alleviate the shortage of conventional energy sources , the solar LED photovoltaic street lighting system is adopted . Solar photovoltaic street lights are a new green and environmentally friendly Energy, " inexhaustible  " . Since the completion of the project , it has been running well and has been well received by the owner and local people .


In recent years, Africa's economy has grown rapidly, but while lacking power supply, it also faces problems such as huge investment in traditional energy sources, high construction costs, and long construction periods. In contrast, the development of new energy has become a good choice for many African countries. Especially from the perspective of resources, that is, in terms of direct solar irradiance, the development potential of Africa's solar energy industry is undoubtedly the best in the world. Africa has been promoted to the world's largest potential market for solar power generation . It is an important direction and foothold for the construction of " The belt and road initiative " . The proposal of the " The belt and road initiative" has brought unprecedented new opportunities for the development of China-Africa cooperation.


Project Name: Zambia Ndola Airport Project Terminal Area Outdoor Lighting Project and Photovoltaic Street Lighting Project

Project road form and photovoltaic street lamp parameters: 60W solar photovoltaic street lamps are used in the two-way two-lane area of this project , the height of the lamp pole is 8m , the distance between lamps is 20m , arranged on one side, the elevation angle of lamps: 15° , LED light source: 60W LED chip (high brightness) , color temperature: 4000K , average illuminance: 16LX ; The two-way four-lane area adopts 80W solar photovoltaic street lights, the height of the light pole is 10m , the distance between lights is 30m , symmetrically arranged on both sides, the elevation angle of the lights: 15° , LED light source: 80W LED chip (high brightness), color temperature: 4000K , average illuminance: 21 LX. The one-way three-lane area adopts 120W solar photovoltaic street lights, the height of the light pole is 10m , the distance between lights is 30m , arranged on one side, the elevation angle of the lights: 15° , LED light source: 120W LED chip (high brightness), color temperature: 4000K , average illuminance: 23 LX .


The outdoor lighting project of the terminal area of Ndola Airport, and China Anhui Longvolt Energy Co., Ltd. provides photovoltaic energy storage systems and outdoor lighting fixtures.


China Anhui Longvolt Energy Co. , Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as " Longvolt Energy " or the company) is a high-tech enterprise, a national standard drafter, a full member unit of the lithium-ion battery safety working group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and a low-carbon industrialization base for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology , The product was selected into the "Government Procurement List of Energy-saving Products" announced by the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China and the National Development and Reform Commission. The company focuses on product development and production in the field of photovoltaic lithium battery energy storage, and is committed to providing an overall solution for " photovoltaic lithium battery energy storage system + N application scenarios " .

The company has won the " Advanced Unit of Standardization Work " of the National Standards Committee, the " New Energy Lighting Industry Contribution Award " of the China Lighting Society , the " National Electronic Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Product Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise " of the China Electronics Energy Conservation Association , " Low Carbon Product Supplier " , " Anhui " Provincial Famous Brand Product " and many other honors, and was approved to establish " Chuzhou Postdoctoral Research Workstation " and " Chuzhou Lithium Battery Energy Storage Control System Engineering Technology Research Center " . Longvolt Energy " wins your trust with focus and reputation, and helps you enhance your brand value with ultimate quality " , looking forward to cooperating with you.


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