2022-03-10Industry standard of《Battery management system of lithium-ion battery for electric bicycle》 QB/T 5513-2021 was officially published

The industry of electric motorcycle is developing rapidly now and the quantity of electric motorcycl……[Know More]

2021-10-20Langvue Energy and The City of Gediavaye in Senegal are helping to unlock new energy markets in Africa

On November 13, 2018, Songzhi Xu, Chairman of Lonviet Energy (Stock code: 838703), had a friendly me……[Know More]

2021-10-20[Project Case] Longvolt Solar Iot street lamp lights huatuo Industrial Avenue, Benxi High-tech Zone, Liaoning Province

The maturity of Internet of Things (IoT) related technologies has led to a new wave of industrial tr……[Know More]

2021-10-20[Project Case] Longvolt Solar Internet of Things street lamps light up Aluminum City Avenue, Guiyang city, Guizhou Province

The industrial Park in Qingzhen city, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, with zhanjie Town as the cente……[Know More]

2021-10-18The alliance standard T/CSA 039-2019 "Technical Specification for LED Solar Street Lamps Powered by Lithium Batteries" LED by Longvolt Energy was officially released

The China (Zhongshan) Intelligent Lighting Standardization Application Forum was held in Zhongshan o……[Know More]

2021-10-15Trust, is the best recognition of our customers! -- Longvolt low-temperature solar internet-of-Things street lamp once again appeared in Benxi, Liaoning Province

June 12, the 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition) successfully clos……[Know More]

2021-10-15Present to the 70th birthday of the motherland! Longvolt graphene-based lithium electric solar iot street lamp illuminates Shijingshan District in Beijing

Longvolt Energy, one of the national standard drafting units, national high-tech enterprises. Under ……[Know More]

2021-10-15Witness of customer: Sinopec oil pipeline security monitoring project has been running stably for more than three years

Longvolt Energy focuses on rd and production of graphene based lithium battery, photovoltaic lithium……[Know More]

2021-10-14To celebrate the 70th birthday of the motherland, Longvolt graphene-based lithium solar lamps lit up in Chuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of the motherland, in order to further improve the infrastructu……[Know More]

2021-10-14Longvolt Energy attended the 16th China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum and 2019 International Third Generation

On November 25, 2019, the opening ceremony of the 16th China International Semiconductor Lighting Fo……[Know More]

2021-10-13The 2019 Year-end summary and 2020 new product release conference of Longvolt Energy was successfully held

Success is accompanied by hardships, joy is accompanied by sweat. Together, we have seen off the ext……[Know More]

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