As in "7"! Longvolt 's high-power solar street lamp has been operating steadily for over seven years


Research purpose: Through a case study of the G104 National Highway (Chuzhou Chahe Section) high-power lithium battery LED solar street lamp project of Anhui Longvolt Energy Co., Ltd., we understand that the technology of solar street lamp systems in China is becoming increasingly mature, and the current situation of solar street lamps replacing municipal circuit lamps in some qualified trunk road lamp projects and street lamp renovation projects.

Project Name: Solar Street Lamp Project on G104 National Highway (Chuzhou Chahe Section)

Operating time: 7 years and 1 month (February 2016 - present)

Road condition: two-way 8-lane main road+two-way 2-lane auxiliary road

Installation mileage: 24km (Phase I and Phase II)

Installation quantity: 1371 sets

Lamp power: 12m 180W lamp (150W lamp on the main road+30W lamp on the auxiliary road) are selected for general road sections, and 15m  540W lamp (3×180W lamp) are selected for intersections

Light type: High luminous efficiency and low energy consumption LED light source

Energy storage battery: lithium battery

Photovoltaic module: Mono

Technical features: High efficiency LED light and lithium battery storage independently developed by Longvolt  are adopted, featuring high reliability and long service life.

Acceptance conclusion: The project adopts Longvolt Energy's high-power lithium battery LED solar street lamps, and the technical indicators such as illumination and luminous efficiency of the street lamps meet the requirements of national standards

Case overview: The project is located in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, and the IOT solar  street lighting project on G104 National Highway (Chuzhou Chahe Section) connects Chahe Development Zone, Suchu Industrial Park, and Chuzhou Industrial Transfer Demonstration Park; The total length of the project is 50.5 kilometers, and it is constructed in three phases. The first and second phases are 24 kilometers long, with 8 lanes in both directions, and a roadbed width of 50 meters. Longvolt Energy's high-power lithium LED solar street lamps are used.


The successful operation of the project cannot be separated from the project department's control over the construction details. Let's review together.


Excavation foundation


Concrete pouring and vibration

Formwork erection and leveling


Foundation formwork removal

Foundation maintenance

LED lamp installation

Realistic view of the project (daytime)


Project Realistic View (Night)

The G104 National Highway Project is a key project in Chuzhou City to implement the national transportation "12th Five Year Plan" development plan. The project uses Longvolt  lithium battery solar street lamps, with technical indicators such as illumination and luminous efficiency meeting the requirements of national standards. The normal operation time has exceeded 7 years, and it has been highly praised by the owner and street lamp management department. It aims to create a first impression of Anhui, build a beautiful Chuzhou, and drive the development along the line, Achieving rapid and seamless docking with Nanjing is of great significance.

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