Trust, is the best recognition of our customers! -- Longvolt low-temperature solar internet-of-Things street lamp once again appeared in Benxi, Liaoning Province

Benxi, located in the southeast of Liaoning Province, belongs to the temperate temperate climate zone. The average temperature of the whole region is 6.1-7.8, and the average temperature of the hottest Month in July is 24.3. In January, the coldest month, the average temperature is -14.3, and the lowest temperature can reach -20 to -30. It is not only hidden by the mountains, but also has the original breadth. The special geographical location and climate make the medicinal materials of Benxi famous at home and abroad.


In recent years, lithium battery has been widely recognized and applied in photovoltaic energy storage and off-grid lighting industry due to its characteristics of long life, light weight, small size, high energy density and green environmental protection. However, as we all know, under low temperature conditions, especially when the ambient temperature is below 0 , the performance of conventional lithium batteries will be limited due to their own chemical characteristics, and even can not work normally. The use of lithium batteries in low temperature areas faces great tests and challenges.


Since September last year, the lighting project of Huatuo Industrial Avenue, Benxi High-tech Zone in Liaoning province has selected the lithium solar iot street lamp with the invention patent of low temperature resistance of Longvolt Energy, which not only solves the safety problem of the park at night, but also saves considerable electricity costs. Longvolt's high quality products and services are well received by the local people and government.

In 2019, Benxi Road Lighting project chose Longvolt again because of the excellent quality of Longvolt products and the foundation of early cooperation and trust.
The project is summarized as follows:
⊙ Construction Time: March 2019
⊙ Installation location: Guanmen Mountain to Huaxi Mu, Benxi County, Liaoning Province
⊙ Installation mileage: 16 km
⊙ Specification of street lamp: 9 meters high, 80W lights all night

The solar street lamp selected this time also has the function of low temperature resistance and Internet of things, which not only meets the local low temperature climate environment, but also solves the bottleneck that lithium battery cannot work normally under low temperature conditions. Moreover, the Internet of Things saves a lot of manpower and material resources for the later monitoring and management of street lamps, and meets the needs of customers for intelligent control. It is a wise choice for the local government!


Benxi County immigrants later support project street lighting project site



Daytime view of the road section of completed project



Night view of the road section of completed project

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