Witness of customer: Sinopec oil pipeline security monitoring project has been running stably for more than three years

Longvolt Energy focuses on r&d and production of graphene based lithium battery, photovoltaic lithium energy storage microgrid power supply system, lithium solar Internet of Things street lamp and other products, and is committed to providing photovoltaic energy storage overall solutions for intelligent transportation, road lighting, new rural lighting, security monitoring, home energy storage, communication base station and other fields. Providing users with quality products is never the end of our service, but the beginning of establishing cooperation and trust with customers to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation!

Longvolt Energy has always placed product quality and customer trust on the top priority of enterprise development. In order to timely grasp the user demand and operation of the project, but also to provide effective information for the company's product research and development and upgrading, regular return visit to the project, do a good job in product after-sales and maintenance work.

Recently, in the return visit of sinopec oil pipeline security monitoring project, because the product has been running steadily for more than three years, it has been highly recognized by users! The project had high requirements for product reliability, and after a comprehensive evaluation and inspection, Longvolt's overall solution won the customer's approval and became the project's final choice. The project was started in 2016, more than three years ago, and the overall performance of the PHOTOVOLTAIC monitoring system is good. Must be given to the user, we will as a kind of encourage, also is the power of our person, don't forget to beginner's mind, continue to standing at the height of the national standards drafting unit, with "beginner's mind, conscience and originality" as the driving force, for the majority of users with the lean products and satisfactory service, to shape "photovoltaic energy storage + off-grid system" the model of industry brands!

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